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Now Available

The debut book from co-founders Molly Keehn and Karl Henricksen now available!

About The Book


In a world filled with seemingly endless demands and truly endless digital distractions, CoJourn is a path out of the wilderness. And best of all, it’s a path you don’t have to walk by yourself. CoJourn transforms the traditional model of self-help into “together-help,” guiding you and your partner on a journey toward creating the lives you want. 


CoJourn will help you: 

● Start (and sustain!) a year-long partnership built on a shared desire to live life more fully.

● Slow down, tune in, and reflect weekly on your life’s direction with someone invested in your success.

● Tap into the two major ways to increase well-being and happiness in life: working toward a goal and building a meaningful relationship.


With surprising insights, compelling research, and helpful tips, this book is a practical guide full of wisdom, compassion, and real-life stories from participants all over the world. CoJourn offers you a chance to live a less distracted, more connected life. And a more joyful one at that!

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"Keehn and Henricksen have created a remarkably simple and thoughtful system for relationship building in a time when we most need real connection with other humans. Reading it is like a walk with an old friend, reminding you of something you forgot you needed.”

– Keri Smith, bestselling author of Wreck this Journal and How to be an Explorer of the World

What is CoJourn?
CoJourn Team

What is CoJourn?

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