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Tips For Finding a CoJourn Partner


So, you have decided to give CoJourn a try! But now, you need to decide on who to choose as a partner for this adventure. Only you can decide who might work best for you. Below are some tips to give you a hand.

You can also sign up for an upcoming cohort-based program which includes partner matching and additional support in the process

First, make a list of potential partners: 


Start by looking at the people around you. CoJourn is a great way to get to know someone new, or a way to have more regular contact with a person you have known for a long time. Think outside of the box - the key criteria is that it is a person you think you can trust, and who would be interested in doing it.

Categories of People to Consider:

Mother / Daughter

Chris & Kyle.jpg

College Roommates







White Bathtub

Anyone You Want To Talk To!


Ideally, Your Partner Should…

  • Be somebody you trust

  • Be someone you like

  • Be somebody who will follow through

  • Have similar availability to talk on the phone or in person

  • Want to do it


Ideally, Your Partner Should Not…

  • Be someone you want to change or fix

  • Be someone you are intimidated by or put on a pedestal

  • Be someone you have a crush on

  • Be someone who wants to work on something that would be painful or triggering for you


Tips for Asking a Partner


For some, asking someone to be your CoJourn partner can feel nerve-wracking. This is a common feeling, but the truth is that most people are extremely honored to be invited to be someone’s partner, regardless of whether or not they are up for it. This type of personal growth program is not for everyone.

It is helpful to be patient and to find someone who really wants to try the program with you.


Along with inviting people individually, another way to look for a partner is to post on social media, or send an email to a group or listserv. CoJourn can be tricky to explain, so sending them a little information (or a copy of our book!) can be a helpful way to initiate this conversation.

Below are a couple of emails you could adapt:


Email #1 (Mad Libs style)

Dear [potential amazing CoJourn partner],


I recently learned about a really [adjective that works for you!] program that sounds like something I’d like to try. It is called CoJourn, and it’s a goal-setting and peer-support program that helps you to go after longer-term goals and intentions with a partner.

The whole premise of the program is that having someone to be accountable to can help with follow-through. It involves setting a long-term Guiding Theme and using the program’s structure to check in (over the phone or in person) with a self-selected partner every week about progress. The time commitment is thirty minutes a week over the course of the program (typically 12 weeks, or a year).

As I was brainstorming potential partners to invite to try it out with me, you were the first person I thought of. It would be so [adjective] to get the chance to talk to you once a week, and I think we could have a lot of fun supporting each other on our goals. You can read more about the program here:

Let me know what you think!

And, if it feels like too much for you right now, I completely understand—but I wanted to make sure that I asked.

Email #2 (written by a current CoJourn participant)

Dear __________,

I’m about to launch into a few professional projects simultaneously, which is exciting and a bit daunting. I also have some [personal health goals]. Therefore, I’m seeking an accountability partner for the next six months or so. Might that be you?


Together we would:

  • set goals (personal or professional).

  • talk on the phone weekly for thirty minutes (fifteen minutes each), to check in and share about progress on our individual goals and offer support / insights if requested by a partner.

If you’re reading this and feel a sense of excitement and maybe relief, then let’s talk! If

instead it feels like “just another thing to do,” then probably it’s not right for you.

Are you interested? Let me know by [Friday 2/16] please.

But above all, don't overthink the decision!

There is so much to learn from the people around you, and sometimes all you need is a good feeling about someone to try the program out.

Still have questions about how to get started with finding a partner?

Get in touch

Thanks! Message sent.

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