Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What is this CoJourn thing?

CoJourn is a research-backed personal growth and goal achievement program that trains pairs of people to partner up for more external accountability, connection, and support as they go after their goals and dreams. The program helps you finally prioritize what matters most to you, while connecting with a partner you choose for mutual support and accountability. For more info, visit our About CoJourn page

How does it work?

  1. Partner with another person in your life to be your support and accountability buddy
  2. Learn the structure and basics of CoJourn to sustain your follow-through and create deeper connections to another person.
    1. Option 1: Buy the book, share with your partner and learn together
    2. Option 2: Join a cohort-based program or bring CoJourn to your organization - learn through in-depth guidance from the CoJourn team with more hands-on support and guidance
  3. Set an Intention you want to work on for a sustained period of time (3 month, 6 month or 1 year program options)
  4. Using our formula and program structure, check in with your CoJourn partner for 30 minutes each week.
  5. Record goals for one another, offering each other compassionate, non-judgmental support along the way!

Who is the program for?

The program is for anyone who feels like they could use some more follow-through, purpose, accountability and / or personal connection in their lives.

  • Self-help devotees
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Artists
  • Academics
  • Students
  • Recent Divorcees
  • Retirees
Participating in CoJourn can be especially helpful during times of life transition for people who would like increased connection and support through the process.
This program is also for people looking for increased happiness! A recent groundbreaking research study has found that the #1 predictor of happiness over a lifetime is having a close, positive relationship with vulnerability and depth in which you can be seen who you truly are, and truly see another. This is exactly the type of relationship that is cultivated by participating in CoJourn. Read more about the study HERE

How do I get started?

Easy...just follow these steps:

  1. Find a partner - Click Here to check out our Choosing a Partner page
  2. Click Here to find the level of instruction you prefer, whether on your own, through print tools or through guided cohort-based or organizational programs

When is the right time to get started?

You will always be busy.
Start now.
You can find 30 minutes a week to prioritize you. And we promise, you will be glad you did. With that said, the program can be great to help with focus and balance during:

  • start of new job
  • start of school year
  • during or after a move
  • when you meet a new friend you want to connect with
  • when you want to reconnect with an old friend or family member
  • any transition period

What does it cost?

One of our missions for this program is to provide a tool accessible to all to help with follow through on a single life direction for a significant period of time (3-12 months typically), which was one of the main driving forces to outline everything you need to get started in the CoJourn book. So the easiest and most affordable option is to read the book and apply the concepts, while other more guided methods include cohort-based and larger workshop options for groups and organizations. You can learn more about the different pricing options HERE And if you find you are unable to pay any amount, please get in touch with us at for scholarship options.

What length of time do I need to commit to?

This program should be for you and for what you need it for. We created the program as a way to keep a new years’ resolution for the entire year, and were blown away by how much movement we could make on an intention by continuously coming back to it over that length of time. For this reason, we recommend trying it out for a full year. However, if you are hesitant to commit for that long a period of time, three or six months are also useful chunks of time to be able to build a strong relationship with your CoJourn partner, and begin to see real change. In fact, our 3-month guided cohort programs and organization-focused programs are a perfect example of the benefit of a shorter, more intensive program.

How much time does it take each week?

We recommend setting aside a full 30 minutes a week for the check-in. Most people find this to be a suitable amount of time to have an in-depth call with someone while still keeping the project sustainable even in the busiest times.

What would I get out of it?

Close to fifty interviews with past CoJourn participants reveal numerous benefits of the program, both related to follow-through on goals, and also building a closer relationship with someone else. A few repeatedly mentioned benefits include:

  • Sustained focus and follow-through on something you want in your life
  • The benefit of slowing down and taking time for weekly reflection
  • A closer relationship with another person who knows about your life
  • The gift of learning from the struggles and successes of your partner!
(among many others! READ MORE)

What is CoJourn's mission?

The project’s mission is to:

  1. counter the increased disconnection we've experienced in our fast-paced, technology-driven society, and
  2. provide a tool accessible to all to help with follow through on a single life intention for one year.