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Choose Your Path

Option 1

CoJourn Self-Taught







CoJourn Self-Taught

Buy the book, and use the detailed outline of the structure of CoJourn, along with stories, tips and deeper dives into the core concepts of CoJourn to gain a real understanding of how to get started and sustain the program with a partner.

  • For those who need less hands-on support and prefer to read

  • Gain a deep understanding through anecdotes, research backing the program and stories from the authors and past participants

Option 2

CoJourn Community Cohort



12-week guided program with
1 year of support

CoJourn Community Cohort 
Membership Program

New cohorts begin each month

Join a like-minded group of motivated folks to be trained, discuss the subtler points of CoJourn, and receive added support through a 12-week program. Includes an option to be partnered with another program participant.


  • Group Program Launch via Zoom

  • CoJourn Companion Guidebook 

  • Partner-Matching Option

  • Access to the CoJourn Community Cohort Facebook group 

  • Weekly Email Support for friendly reminders and tips

  • Monthly Group Check-In Circles via Zoom

  • Access to one-on-one coaching

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