"My own personal transformation using CoJourn was the reason I wanted Molly and Karl to come to Mt. Holyoke College and share the gift of CoJourn with my students who are helping to create social change in our local and global communities. The workshop was informative and interactive, and Molly and Karl's love and passion for sharing this accessible and life-changing tool shines through in their presentation. My students were so moved and inspired and I am grateful for CoJourn because it allows anyone to step into their greatness!"

Angelica Castro

Assistant Director for Community Engagement, Mount Holyoke College

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"We have adopted CoJourn for our training group, Infinity Healers. It's been amazing! As a whole it has increased our group's sense of connectivity, commitment and integrity.  Individuals report so much more success in obtaining their overall goals. I love the dynamic relationships it offers to those who participate.  I highly recommend this project, Molly and Karl are incredible presenters, organizers, and inspirations for change and hope!"

Gabrielli LaChiara

Founder, Infinity Healing

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Our primary offerings are described below:
We work with you to tailor-fit the workshop to the needs and size of your group.

CoJourn Program Workshops

Typical Length: 90-120 mins

These sessions provide participants with a thorough introduction to CoJourn, and are a great way to introduce the program as a tool for increased wellness to members of your organization.


  • Historical context and the need for more authentic connection in modern society

  • The seven core elements supporting CoJourn’s Signature Formula

  • Benefits of peer support and accountability


  • Visioning and tools for setting and sustaining goals and intentions

  • Information and practice of the art of active listening

  • Techniques to hold a self-compassionate, nonjudgmental approach to change


  • An overview of the research supporting the need for this type of program

  • Introduction to core project skills (active listening, self-compassion, habit-change and goal-setting)

  • Opportunity for self-reflection on different areas of their life

  • All the information needed to decide whether they would like to sign up for the program with a partner

CoJourn Skills Workshops

Typical Length: 60-120 mins

These sessions offer participants a more in-depth understanding of specific program skills.


  • "The Art of Active Listening"

  • "The Power of a Self-Compassionate" Approach to Change"

  • "Setting Healthy Goals and Intentions"

We can also adapt a CoJourn presentation to meet specific goals of your organization.

For example, CoJourn for Social Justice Educators, or CoJourn for Engineers

Customized Programs for Your Group or Organization

We can adapt the framework and principles of CoJourn to the specific needs of your group or organization.


We will partner with you to create the customized program, and offer full support and program materials throughout the duration.

If you are interested in scheduling a workshop or creating a custom program for your organization, please contact us below:

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