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Are you looking for a way to support your group’s personal and professional development?

CoJourn is a low-cost and high impact way to increase morale, offer support, and increase social connection during these challenging times.


We work with you to customize the program that will work best for your institution.


Interested? Contact us to schedule a meeting to learn more about our offerings.


Betsy Cracco, Ph.D

Assistant Vice Chancellor of Campus Life and Wellbeing

UMass, Amherst

At UMass we are operating under the philosophy that the best endorsement of a program comes from someone who has benefitted from it. Our strategy of running several CoJourn opportunities for Faculty/Staff is a matter of supporting their wellbeing, and planting seeds for broader campus-wide adoption of the program. Our data shows that loneliness and motivation are two of the most significant concerns for our students. This program addresses both with heart and connection. In my own life, CoJourn has drawn me closer to my brother through a period of struggle for both of us, and CoJourn for Racial Justice (and my partner) has challenged me to get uncomfortable in all the important ways, and to grow through connection in the ways I work for social justice personally and professionally.  I am so grateful to be involved with this program and excited to see the many ways it is growing into a culture-changing force here at UMass.


Wendy Varner
Director of Faculty Development
Office of Faculty Development
University of Massachusetts AmhersT

Over this past challenging year during the pandemic, my weekly conversations with my CoJourn partner have been critically important for me to be able to focus on my personal goals.  The regular zoom check-ins have been anchoring and so valuable to both of us.
Given my positive personal experience,
I was excited to collaborate with other program directors at UMass Amherst to offer CoJourn widely to staff and faculty this winter.  The  Office of Workplace Learning and Development, the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program, and our Office of Faculty Development formed a wonderful partnership, in order to build and make this opportunity available.  CoJourn was so well received that we plan to offer the program annually on our campus.

alex russel.jpeg

Alexandra Russell
NonProfit and Philanthropic Consultant

Knowing the success I'd had personally with CoJourn, I decided to bring it to a national network of donor organizers I'm part of so that we could put into practice what we'd be doing for two years in our DEI trainings together. Despite working in different states, as a group of colleagues we were all grappling with the same thing: how to put our anti-racist values and practice to work on a daily basis. 


I'm now teamed up with a colleague and in a supportive, collaborative way we've built our guiding theme and are digging in weekly on our goals. I feel heard, supported and challenged - in all the right ways! It's a magical combination of accountability and connection that really works. Our network was thrilled to partner with CoJourn to make this possible.


Gabrielli LaChiara
Infinity Healing

We have adopted CoJourn for our training group, Infinity Healers. It's been amazing! As a whole it has increased our group's sense of connectivity, commitment and integrity.  Individuals report so much more success in obtaining their overall goals. I love the dynamic relationships it offers to those who participate.  I highly recommend this project, Molly and Karl are incredible presenters, organizers, and inspirations for change and hope!"


​This is the full package to launch and support a CoJourn program at your organization.

Our team will design and implement a CoJourn Program launch and multiple check-in sessions via Zoom. They will also support a process for CoJourn partner matching to ensure that all members of the organization are paired up. In addition, participants will each receive an electronic copy of the CoJourn Guidebook, and other CoJourn Materials. Our team will also meet with identified program liaison(s) before, during, and after the program.

Components of this package include:


CoJourn Kick-Off Session


During this interactive 90 minute session, participants will learn all the information they need to get started with CoJourn. The workshop will be tailored to your organization, with specific suggestions and examples offered that relate to the particular context of your participants. 

Specifically, participants will learn:

• What is CoJourn?

• Research supporting the need for such a program

• How to find a CoJourn partner

• The 8 Core Components of CoJourn

• How to create a Guiding Theme for CoJourn

• How to set Weekly Milestones

• The structure of the weekly CoJourn check-in


In addition to the session, all participants will receive the following materials:

• An e-copy of the CoJourn Companion Guide and Workbook

• A video copy of the launch training for future reference

• A copy of the CoJourn Goal-Tracking Spreadsheet, and CoJourn Contract

• Weekly support emails during the course of the program (12 week or 12 month options)


Ongoing Process Check-Ins

During these periodic process check-ins, participants will have an opportunity to gather to talk about how the program is going.  These meetings will focus on sharing successes, resources and tips, and working through challenges with partners or in small groups. Sessions will be 60 - 90 minute meetings and there will be 2 throughout the process. The final check-in will be at the program close, and will allow space for reflection, sharing, and commitment moving forward.

Partner Matching

Our team will also coordinate CoJourn partner matching for anyone who would like to be paired with someone within the organization. This includes creating a survey to gather information to inform matching, matching partners, and communicating pairings to participants.


Our team will also be available on an as-needed basis to support the process at your organization.

Bates pic.png
UMASS Org pic.png

Customized Programs

We are happy to customize our standard program for specific needs and budgets by adding/removing workshops, and increasing/decreasing CoJourn support.


We are also offering versions of our standard program specifically oriented towards specific topics of interest with additional print resources and guest workshops/lectures to supplement learning in these areas.


Currently, our two main topics are related to Well-Being and Racial Justice, with more programs to come based on interest. Please contact us if interested in developing something specific for your group.


12-Week cohort-based program that features guest workshops/lectures and online/print resources related to well-being. In addition, the larger cohort comes together for 2 "process check-ins" guided by the CoJourn team to share successes, struggles and new resources.

This program was originally developed in response to the 2020 pandemic to promote and prioritize more personal well-being practices and was so well-received we've continued offering this program.

CFRJlogo W on B (1).jpg

12-week cohort featuring a curated list of resources for every stage of racial justice experience as well as co-facilitated process check-ins . These meetings will focus on sharing successes, resources and ideas, and working through challenges with partners or in small groups.


CoJourn for Racial Justice can help organizations meet people wherever they are at in their journey toward racial justice, move beyond one-time “flash in the pan” initiatives, and allow employees to dig in to the sustained support and accountability needed for true change.


Customized Programs

We adapt the framework and principles of CoJourn to the specific needs of your group or organization, for whatever topic and focus you prefer.


We will partner with you to create the customized program, and offer full support and program materials throughout the duration.


Finally, we offer the flexibility of individual workshops and presentations, which can be booked as-needed or worked into the development of a custom program for your group.

Examples include:

  • General Info Session (to generate excitement or buy-in from your organization): 45 min

  • Workshops on Individual Components of CoJourn or Key Concepts:  60-120 min

    • self-compassion

    • active listening

    • accountability

    • productivity

  • CoJourn Book Panels with Author(s) and contributors

CoJourn Book Panel with Contributors and Author Molly Keehn (R)

CoJourn panel 2.png

If you are interested in scheduling a workshop or creating a custom program for your organization, please contact us below (

Thanks! Message sent.

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