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Use "Together-Help"

Team up with a friend, family member, or colleague to support and hold each other accountable

Apply the Signature Formula

Learn about how to apply the 8 core components of CoJourn that are key to a successful and sustainable experience

Set Your Path

Set a yearly intention to stay focused on the most important things to you this year

Make Weekly Goals

Choose realistic goals each week to help you stay on the path you set for yourself

Structure the Meetings

Use our simple structure to ensure sustainable and focused meetings with your partner each week


CoJourn is a personal growth and goal achievement program that trains pairs of people to buddy up for more external accountability, connection, and support as they go after their big goals and dreams. The program helps you finally prioritize what matters most to you, while connecting with a partner you choose for mutual support and accountability.

What is CoJourn? 

Hear how it all works, and what you'll find within the CoJourn book

What is CoJourn to You? 

Hear from participants what CoJourn has meant to them



"It’s magic!!"


If you are really looking for a tool to get things done and to stay committed to yourself and your intentions, this is awesome. This is definitely IT. It helps manifest your goals into reality…and I just want to make sure I got that magic part in. It’s magic!!


"The furthest reaching and enjoyable experience"


I deepened a friendship with my CoJourn Partner and have experienced a level of genuine trust that seems rare to find in adult friendships.  My CoJourn partner and I have seen one another in vulnerable places and helped each other attain our goals.

I have engaged a number of 'resolutions' in my lifetime to varying degrees of success. CoJourn was by far the furthest reaching and enjoyable experience I have undertaken in order to create a shift in my habits, outlook and perspective.


"I walk away feeling heard and held"


I'm proud and delighted to say that we have consistently met our weekly date since we have started. It is a highlight of my day and week…Throughout it all I have gained many, many things: much greater intimacy with a woman I adore, I walk away feeling heard and held, I have the privilege of hearing and holding another human in her process, and I have made progress towards my yearly intention.

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How does it work?

  1. Partner with another person in your life to be your support and accountability buddy
  2. Sign up on our website for access to our instructional video series and companion guidebook to learn our “Signature Formula” for effective peer accountability partnerships
  3. Set an Intention you want to work on for a sustained period of time (3 month, 6 month or 1 year program options)
  4. Using our formula and program structure, check in with your CoJourn partner for 30 minutes each week.
  5. Record goals for one another, offering each other compassionate, non-judgmental support along the way!

What would I get out of it?

Close to fifty interviews with past CoJourn participants reveal numerous benefits of the program, both related to follow-through on goals, and also building a closer relationship with someone else.
A few repeatedly mentioned benefits include:

  • Sustained focus and follow-through on something you want in your life
  • The benefit of slowing down and taking time for weekly reflection
  • A closer relationship with another person who knows about your life
  • The gift of learning from the struggles and successes of your partner!
(among many others! READ MORE)

Who is the program for?

The program is for anyone who feels like they could use some more follow-through, purpose, accountability and / or personal connection in their lives.

  • Self-help devotees
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Artists
  • Academics
  • Students
  • Recent Divorcees
  • Retirees
Participating in CoJourn can be especially helpful for people going through times of life transition who would like increased connection and support through the process.
This program is also for people looking for increased happiness! A recent groundbreaking research study has found that the #1 predictor of happiness over a lifetime is having a close, positive relationship with vulnerability and depth in which you can be seen who you truly are, and truly see another. This is exactly the type of relationship that is cultivated by participating in CoJourn. Read more about the study HERE

How do I get started?

Easy...just follow these steps:

  1. Find a partner - Click Here to check out our Choosing a Partner page
  2. Click Here to sign up for training on how to do the program through our video series and guidebook

What does it cost?

One of our missions for this program is to provide a tool accessible to all to help with follow through on a single life direction for one year. So, rather than requiring people to pay, we have a “pay-what-you-decide” pricing model for accessing the basic program materials and monthly email support. We also have a sliding scale fee for the in-person launch calls, or coaching calls as well. Once you give it a try, you can decide the value, based on your experience and offer a contribution. So there is no obligation to pay anything if you are not able, or did not find value in the experience. You can learn more about our "Pay What You Decide" pricing HERE


We've led over 30 presentations and workshops for a wide variety of organizations. Read more about how to bring more accountability, follow-through and connection to your organization with CoJourn.


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