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We honestly don't think this book could have been finished without the amazing support of our family, friends and extended fans of CoJourn. And while words don't fully express how grateful we are, we want to use this space to express our appreciation of everyone that helped us get this book launched, printed and designed. THANK YOU!

To Our Wonderful Supporters - Thank You!

Lizzy Adames

Gerdette Armour

Illiana Arriaga

Cerri Banks

Jenny Bender

Maria Bianchiardi

Yvonne Bogle

Nina Brand

Ernie Brill

Meredith Brisson

Hannah Brooks - Motl

Erica Carlson

Andy Carlson

Angelica Castro

Oscar Collins

Jessie Cooley

Safire DeJong

Lore Detenber

Annika Erickson-Pearson

Yaldira Felix-Brown

Wendy Ferris-Sweester

Dennis Finn

Mary Fleming

Sarah Fogler

Lisa Foley

Mike Funk

Georgie-Ann Getton-McKoy

Jessica Gifford

Selena Goldberg

Maru Gonzalez

Renee Greenfield

Lolly Greenslit

Lizzie Grobbel

Abigail Gutstein

Mary Hamel

Nini Hayes

Mitch Heard

Cliff and Bonnie Henricksen

Barbara Henricksen

Craig Henricksen

Kari Henricksen

Kristi Henricksen

Kyle Henricksen

Amanda Herman

Paul Huck

Monica Jones

Alison Keehn

Sally Keehn

Kenny and Carmen

Gabrielli LaChiara

Michael Leip

Ryan Lewis

Yurij Roman Lojko

Kristen Luschen

Ruby Maddox

Nunia Mafi

Jen Matos

Beth Mattison

James Miller

John Miller

Kay Miller

Mary Miller

Judith Morrison

Caroline Niehaus

Elaine Oeler

Billy OMara

Michelle Palmacci

Smiley Poswolsky

Kate Preissler

Emily Prichard

Pamela Priore

Connor Quinlan

Dana Richards

Pat Romney

Kristine Rose

Alex Russell

Bronwen Schiffer

Stacey Schiller

Jacqueline Sheehan

Alistair Shurman

Nunia T Mafi Silver

Josh Silver

Kristine Sloane

Keri Smith

Matt Twiest

Rani Varghese

Margie Vasquez

Alex Vasquez

Kiara Vigil

Cindy Walsh

Lyda Washington

Erin White

Tanya Williams

Eliza Wilmerding

Lynn Zimmerman

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