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PAY WHAT YOU DECIDE - What is it? And Why?

The mission of CoJourn is to:

  1. counter the increased disconnection we’ve experienced in our fast-paced technology-driven society  and

  2.  provide a tool accessible to all to help with follow through on a single life direction for one year

A "Pay-What-You-Decide" Model

To ensure CoJourn remains accessible while still allowing us to afford to keep working on this and to sustain the costs of maintaining the tools, we've adopted a Pay What You Decide model for pricing. Our sliding scale “pay-what-you-decide” fee simultaneously allows you to try our CoJourn without requiring you to pay a set fee. So there's no risk in getting started!

Once you give it a try, you can decide the value based on your experience, and offer a contribution (if you choose to – there is no obligation to pay anything if you are not able, or did not find value in the experience).

This model comes from the world of theater – and is a more inclusive pricing model that also encourages people to take a risk and try something new.

You can read more about Pay What You Decide here:

Any time you're ready to contribute, you can use the form below or in the Members area:
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