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CoJourn Community Cohort 
Membership Program

Harness the power of connection for more stability, hope, and forward momentum to navigate anything that comes your way this year.

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed out or stuck during these difficult, uncertain times? 

  • Do you want to go after a goal or improve some area of your life, but aren’t sure where to begin?

  • Are you feeling isolated, and looking for more personal connection right now?

No matter where we are or what we’re navigating, we could all use a little help.


CoJourn is a research-backed framework for compassionate, judgment-free accountability partnerships. It is designed to offer more connection and mutual support as we strive to create meaningful movement in our lives. 


This program helps you reflect on your goals, identify necessary steps to move forward, and set up a structure for success in following through with the changes you want to make in your life.


And best of all, you don’t have to do any of it alone! The CoJourn Community Cohort program offers you the guidance, support and inspiration you’ll need.

What to Expect When You Join:

Receive training on the CoJourn process through a virtual group launch 

Choose a partner or opt to be paired with someone within the CoJourn Community Cohort

Set an intention related to an area of your life that you want to work on for the next 12 weeks


Carve out a designated time each week to connect with your CoJourn partner and decide where to focus your attention and energy.


Get inspired and motivated by attending our monthly group check-in circles and being a part of our online members community.

Experience the value of meaningful connection during this time of social isolation

Included in your membership:
(All membership features are optional)


The program offers guidance for finding a partner as well as the option to be matched with a partner by the CoJourn team

Up to 2 partner matchings included per 1-year membership

Partnerships can be extended for the full year, or you can be re-matched, as desired


Access to the CoJourn Community Cohort Facebook group for one year

Online community as a space to share wins and resources, and get extra accountability and support from other members


Weekly Email Support

For friendly reminders and tips to be as successful as possible


Monthly Facilitated Group Check-In Circles

Share, reflect, support and exchange ideas for goals and intentions with other members

Access to One-on-One Coaching with Member of the CoJourn Team

Sign up for a session for additional support with goal setting, as needed

Additional cost applies for one-on-one coaching

Setting Your Intention:

Participants often set intentions in areas such as:

Stress-Relief / Rest / Balance

Eating / Drinking Healthfully

Social Activism

Connections and Relationships

Play / Joy / Pleasure


Exercise and Fitness

Overcoming Procrastination

Decluttering / Simplifying

Overcoming Self-doubt

Thoughtful Money Habits

...Whatever is Meaningful and Most Useful to You!

Ready to Get Started?

Sound like just the thing to kickstart change or growth in your life?

Sign Up for the Program


Saturday January 8th, 12pm EST via Zoom

Recording of program launch will be available for those unable to attend

Price: $199 for a one-year membership

You can also contribute toward subsidizing someone else’s participation who cannot afford the full rate.

Pay-it-Forward Price: $299 for a one-year membership

If you could benefit from this program, but cost is a barrier, please email us at connect for our subsidized price options.

The Benefits of CoJourn Community Cohort Membership:

Sustained focus and follow through on something you want in your life 

The gift of learning from the struggles and successes of your partner

Weekly, protected time to slow down and reflect on what's important to you 

The opportunity to celebrate small successes together

A closer connection with another person who knows about your life 

A community of people sharing resources, strategies, and support