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Well-Being for the Winter

— the next Cohort begins January 24 —

Harness the power of connection for more stability, hope, and forward momentum to navigate anything that comes in your path this winter.


These are difficult, uncertain times.

Some of us are overwhelmed with more to balance, more to do than we ever imagined.

Some of us are feeling the opposite – lack of purpose or direction, and unable to get moving.


Whether we’re navigating sickness, injustice, unemployment, anxiety about the state of the world, or just plain COVID-fatigue, we could all use a little help this winter.

6 years ago, we created a research-backed framework for accountability partnerships: CoJourn. This program was designed to offer more connection and mutual support as we all strive to live in alignment with our values and what we truly want for ourselves, and the world.

We are now offering a 12 week Cohort-Based Version of CoJourn to prioritize well-being and offer stability during this time of uncertainty.

This program will help you (and your partner):

  • Reflect on what ‘well-being’ means to you

  • Identify the necessary steps, and 

  • Set up a structure for success follow through with the changes you want to make in your life.

And best of all, you don’t have to do any of it alone!

Sign up for the 12 week cohort to receive support and paired accountability, cultivating a meaningful relationship and build resilience and ease during COVID-19.

"How has CoJourn helped during COVID?"
What to Expect:

Join with a group of committed CoJourn participants

...for a 12 week journey focusing on your well-being.

Follow through

...on the things you know are good for you, but struggle to implement.

Get inspired and motivated attending our monthly group check-in meetings and being a part of our community on Facebook.

Receive specialized training

...on how to use the CoJourn framework for support and accountability with a compassionate celebration-focused approach.

Experience the value of meaningful connection

...during this time of social isolation.

Discover well-being strategies

...through our “CoJourn for COVID” Resource List

Carve out a designated time each week for YOU connect with a committed accountability partner and take stock of your well-being and decide where to focus your attention and energy.

Learn invaluable skills

...and tips from our expert lectures on aspects of well-being.


...this winter with more intentionality and connection!

What's Included

12 Week Experience with a Well-Being Focus  use the CoJourn structure and accountability strategies to prioritize your well-being this winter, in a way that works for you

Group Zoom Launch & Closing

with CoJourn founders Molly Keehn and Karl Henricksen

Partner-Matching Options — the program offers both guidance for finding a partner within your family and social circles, as well as the option to be matched with a partner in the program

Monthly Group Process Check-Ins — learn and reflect with the larger group to adjust your program to get the most out of the experience

Weekly Email Support

for friendly reminders and tips to be as successful as possible

Resource Packet (with Tips for Well-Being) — use curated tips on well-being from the founders' research and hundreds of past participants

CoJourn Guidebook

included as a reference guide throughout the program

Guest Lectures and Workshops from Well-Being Experts

(see below for details)

Program Details

Standard Price: $145 USD

(less than $50.00 a month, about $12.00 a week!)


Pay-it-forward Price:  $195 USD

(help subsidize someone else’s participation)

If you could benefit from this program, but cost is a barrier, please email us at connect for our subsidized price options

Timeline and Expectations:

** Note: recordings for group launch and well-being lectures will be available for those unable to attend **

Sunday January 24th 7:00–8:30 pm EST:

Launch Day!!  Including meeting Partners, full informational session to get going with your partner

Sunday February 21st, 7:30–8:30 pm EST: 

1st Process Check-In with the Full Cohort

Sunday March 21st, 7:30–8:30 pm EST:

2nd Process Check-In with the Full Cohort

Sunday, April 18th, 7:30–8:30 pm EST:

Program Close. Celebration, reflections, learnings, and information for those interested in continuing

Guest Expert Lectures:

4 sessions from experts on well-being spaced throughout your experience (see below for details)


Once a week throughout the program you will meet for a 30 minute check-in with your CoJourn partner (at your convenience)

Format for Group Meetings and Well-Being Lectures:  Zoom video meetings available for all participants

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Guest Experts on Well-Being
In order to help us all with our journey toward Well-Being, we have invited 4 experts for lectures and workshops on various aspects of Well-Being (nutrition, mindset, stress relief, goal-setting, self-love, etc.).
Included in your investment in the program is attendance at each of these.
Julia Mines.jpg

"BRAINS WITH BENEFITS:  How Getting to Know Your Brain Can Aid in Harnessing the Best You"

Our brain, this amazing 3-pound, tofu-textured, meaning-making machine has some interesting quirks. Understanding the basics can help us leverage the best of ourselves so we can not only achieve our goals more effectively and productively, but more happily, and energetically, too.  In this interactive workshop, some of the things we’ll explore are: why the nightly news is so dismal (and why you should turn it off), the myth of willpower and why a good habit is far superior, and how to wire the brain for more creativity and hope even when times may be tough. We’ll laugh, we’ll explore, we’ll take away some simple, powerful tools to add to our toolbox.

Julia Mines

Wednesday February 10

12:00-1:00 pm EST

About the Expert:

Julia Mines is an executive leadership coach who used to be a pessimist until she learned the power of the brain and how to use it to her advantage. She loves sharing this information with the world and helping her clients succeed by recognizing what is and isn’t in their control. And how to take control where it’s available. And not infrequently, it’s more available.


Kristina Mereigh

Wednesday February 17

12:00-1:00 pm EST

"Human-Centered Lifestyle - Unlearning Capitalist & Ableist Productivity Values"

From childhood, we've been taught that we are what we produce. We shape our lives and lifestyles to increase productivity which impacts our human worth. If 2020, taught us anything, there is more to life than what we do or how we do it. This workshop will provide tools to unlearn harmful lifestyle practices and re-establish human-centered ones. 

About the Expert:

Kristina Mereigh (Kris) is a proud first-generation Caribbean American. She earned her Master’s degree in Public Health Policy and Management from Johns Hopkins University. She also earned certificates in Health Communications Strategy (Johns Hopkins School for Public Health) and Diversity and Inclusion (Cornell University). She is the 2018 recipient of the American College Health Rising Professionals award; recognition for her contributions to the field of well-being and public health, specifically around fostering inclusive and accessible spaces. She currently serves as a consultant, working with institutions to address structural issues that hinder health equity.

Jessica Gifford.small.jpg

Jessica Gifford

Sunday, February 28

7:30-8:30 pm EST

"Actualize! Journal exercises to help you reach your CoJourn goals"

It’s easy to set goals, but following through on them is another story! 92% of people fail to follow through on their New Year’s goals, which is why the structure, support, and accountability of CoJourn is so valuable. This session will walk you through three writing and visualization exercises that improve wellbeing, reinforce motivation, and help you persist through challenges to reach your goals.

About the Expert:

Jessica Gifford, LICSW, received her Master's degree in Social Work from Smith College and began her career providing individual and group counseling in a variety of clinical settings. For the past fifteen years Jessica’s work has focused on building resiliency, connection, and purpose. She is the author of Actualize! A step-by-step guide to achieving the life you want and The Resiliency Skills Training Workbook: 10-minute exercises to improve your health and happiness.” You may visit to learn more about her work.


"Living Into Your Values "

In this session, you will learn the importance of identifying your values, as well as having an understanding of why it's time for you to start living into them. Your core value can help guide your actions, and help you plan for the future that you is true to who you are. 

About the Expert:

Dana Olivo, is a mom, a doula, a coach, and a facilitator of slow living at Through coaching, Dana is committed to helping busy women slow down in a world where "productivity" is valued. Dana has over 15 years of experience working with folks to help them discover their true authentic selves and live their life with intention.  

Dana Olivo

Wednesday March 31

5:00-6:00 pm EST

Guest Lecture Pricing

Enrollment to the cohort includes admission to all guest lectures

But as a way to keep our programs accessible to all, we are offering a sliding scale from $5 - $25 per lecture. If attending multiple lectures, please consider adjusting the price accordingly.

If you are able to pay more on the scale, we thank you for making programming available to everyone who wants to attend.

Please note that a waiver of the admission fee is available. Contact us at

If you could benefit from this program, but cost is a barrier, please email us at connect for our subsidized price options
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