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A note from CoJourn co-founders:

These challenging times are calling for all of us to show up big in different ways. Additional support and opportunities to create (virtual) social connection can be an important step in boosting well-being, enabling us to meet the challenges before us.

To help with potential isolation, disruption and overwhelm we will be offering a series of FREE CoJourn launches and materials, so more people in our community can access this tool.

CoJourn offers a structure for increased support and social connection – both things that we could all use as we navigate our own internal responses to the current pandemic (not to mention the changes to routine, and ways we will be showing up for our communities).

To sign up for future info and support video sessions, fill out the form in the link, and if there is enough interest we will add more times to support you all in whatever way we can.

Lots of love and gratitude to you all, stay safe!

Molly & Karl

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